Maniac Street Preachers (group of people in white robes) 17.) Scissor Sisters (pink scissors) 29.) PEOPLE!!!!! Please some body tell me, what band is between the queen and prince, the eel? white stripes72. where do you see cake? Blur – Man wearing pink shirt on right who is all Blurry, Nine inch nails – You can see nine nails on the street, skinny puppy (right underneath the pet shop boys), 50 cent-on the coin next to guns n’ roses lol, Cowboy Junkies — against the lamppost on the right. seal52. (in front of the “Queen”) Iron Maden (In front of the Rolling Stone) Garbage…there are a lot of them! Queen (the queen) 12.) TLC- The 3 girls skipping down the street. I can see The Doors and White Zombie- who is next to the Dead Kennedys. The televisions with the heads in the are the TALKING HEADS!!! Deep Purple 21. u271. the guy right by white zombie checking the mail. the queen is holding Sex Pistols. Carrying a guitar case does not make you a Killer, even if there is a gun inside (which we can’t see). Did anyone say Styxx? (The preachers on the street) 35. Nine inch nails 26. skinny puppy27. JANES ADDICTION…….and the guys on the roof…..looks like they are building something…. 1979 Casablanca Records, and Film Works, Inc. What’s with the peace lilly behind the Queen? Blind Melon 9. Voilà! and where’s britney??? Queen52. okay so it doesn’t look like a joker anymore! the beach boys58. RECKON you are the ultimate 90s music fan? Spandau Ballet Rolling Stones Black Flag 50 Cent Everly Brothers The Eagles The Blues Brothers Jefferson AIrplane The Eagles White Zombie Guns N’ Roses U2 The Madonnas The Blur The Go – Go’s Smashing Pumpkins The Beach Boys Eminem Alice In Chains White Snake The Cars Rainbow Queen Led Zepplin Deep Purple The BeeGee’s The Tubes The Monkee’s Fish, The Blues Brothers are not a band, it’s a movie…. 2. Talking Heads/Television (in the building next to the Main St sign) 33. A mailbox is not the same as the Postal Service. Led Zeppelin 30. Phish63. – guys with surfing boards on the right side below the eagles, I think that’s two girls kissing, so I’d say that might be “t.a.t.u.”. Oh, and the postal service, The Guess Who or pink floyd platinum blonde the cranberries yellowman great white garbage, the eagles, the gorillas, Alice in chains. 2Us= U2 and BGG= The BEE GEES, Gorillaz Sex Pistols The Eagles The Smashing Pumpkins Matchbox 20 The Rolling Stones The Beach Boys Scissor Sisters Blur Alice in Chains The Pixies Hole Red Hot Chili Peppers Led Zeppelin White Zombie Bloc Party The Doors Black Flag Garbage Dinosaur Jr. the carpenters59. 4. i mean, come on!!…. the cars60. The roots55. i’ve got:cranberriesrolling stonespoliceu2beegeesalice in chainsyellow manwhitesnakeiron maidendinosaur jrrattscissor sistersmatchbox 20smashing pumkinsgreen dayeaglesmain streeteminem9 inch nailssex pistolsqueensprinceguns & rosses50 centorchardsealdead presidentsmadonagreat whiteblondiewhit stripesgarbagecowboy junkieskissspoonvitamin cred hot chili peppersbeach boysdeep purplecypress hillgorillazb52sled zeplinpinkblack flagblues brotherscarsjewelphishtalking headssubwayblurrblind melonswhite zombieradio headcornershoppavementeelshouse of paintwisted sistersnapoleon hillcrowded house. EXO Discography (K-pop) ... Hidden Group Logo (3) Red Velvet Members Spelled Backwards; K-Pop Crossword; Word Ladder: Stray Kids Songs ... K-pop Groups by Picture. Gorillaz (on the rooftop) 5. I’m surprised no one has gotten this one yet. ), Wow…no one picked up on The Blues Brothers. Led Zeppelin (in the sky) 12. …73. Eminem is not a band. I didn’t read the instructions very well. B52’s (the aeroplanes) 6. Apr 21, 2020 - Explore The Quiz Head's board "Picture Quiz Rounds", followed by 682 people on Pinterest. Picture: Radio X Here's your challenge: we'll show you a series of emojis - all you have to do is get our cryptic clue to the name of a well-known Radio X band! It can’t be both Nickelback and 50 Cent. Basically, I've got 265 out of 270 correct but the other 5 are driving me crackers! Between Phish and the Cranberries has been called ‘Jewel.’ I believe those are Air Force ‘Wings.’, And what people are calling the Madonna. tell me something… is ignorance really bliss? Rolling Stones 19. blondie10. – blowup doll 70 the acrobats/spandau ballet (?) “Black Flag” on the building on the right and “The Cars” behind the “The Police”. The “Queen” is holding “Sex Pistols”. That’s not a squid, as previously posted it’s a scorpion (between the cake and GNR cart). He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! Crowded House – People in the windows on right side of pic. Men at Work (atop building) 41.) ps I think the two guys with the ‘violin cases’ are supposed to represent the killers. hrmm killing prince, never heard of that you dumb whore, maybe it could be PRINCE!!!! OK, one more. The mountain in the back looks like an Oasis to me. OKAY call me stupid but can you please tell me what they are… Apparently I have been mislead my entire life…, 1. Cypress Hill (the hill in the background) 38. There was a band called “Main Street band” and there is a sign that says “Main Street” to the left of the Beach boys.I am still trying to figure out if the girl blowing a bubble with Bubble Gum is of significance as well as the 3 boys on top of the buildings in different colored shirts. With the visuals, there are also some words mentioned in the picture that might help you get a clear idea about the songs in the picture. Men At Work Crowded House Mountain White Stripes. Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this ... Post: Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic (Original post) CatWoman: Nov 27: OP: Alice In Chains and Radiohead at the table. cornershop13. people on the rooftop: new kids on the block? Pink ? How about the Monkees and Kong? 50 Cent 36. A comment on th “Three Non-Blondes”-thing: The coin is not a silver dollar it clearly says half dollar on it…so it could definately be 50 cent. ?PS Vurdlak your list of 75 you have going has multiple bands for the same images on the page so you actually need a lot more than a couple more. There is nothing there but some weird roots or something and a little dinosaur. Cowboy Junkies, good one!! blind melon09. Styx – sticks next to Matchboxes in shape of 20 (matchbox 20). Iron Maiden 37. shush)- there are posters of two of them on the building the zombie/corpse is leaning on. Just a few thoughts but is that a “Queen” holding those guns? seal52. ppl keep menshuning dem but i cant find dem! The pink and yellow contortionists are not Twisted Sister, they’re Spandau Ballet (jeez, am I old…). Now to complain about the pictures used – some of them aren’t indicative of the bands they represent. Any guesses about what it could be? Skinny Puppy ( tiny dog in front of pet shop ) 55. screens) i am 99.9 percent sure I am right. The Sex Pistols (queen is holding the pistols) 13.) All the answers are pretty obvious.The planes are clearly ‘the B52s’, since they are in fact B52s.The Gorillas are obviously ‘Gorillaz’. White Zombie (zombie) 4.) Hole is out of the USA, it is the band that Courtney Love heads up, they have been around for quite awhile, with international sales. you have to look really close. Could the Led Zeppelin and the B-52’s also be a reference to Jefferson Airship, who later became Jefferson Airplane? Pet shop boys ( boys in front of pet shop ) 54. the cult61. Cowboy shooting up = Cowboy Junkies and it’s the Gorillaz (not King Kong). A free collection of picture quiz questions and their correct answers on many different categories. Red Hot Chili Peppers (peppers on veggie stand) 53.) The Eels (in front of the queen) 9. The B-52’s 16. The Eels (2 eels) 30.) I created all clues and the image myself, using stock photography; the original background image is also shown here. Dinousour Jr. The T.V.s could be :TELEVISION, THE TALKING HEADS, or THE FACES. Black Crowes on top of the main street sign besides the beach boys.Trapt are the persons inside the right appartment building.Crowded House the left appartment building.Puddle of Mud above garbage. 31102. The B-52’s (airplanes to the right of the aforementioned zeppelin). that makes 19 for me. eagles22. Black Flag (on the building with the TV’s) 42. I didn’t see this one yet, they may be smashing pumpkins, but they’re using a TOOL to do it? Garbage (trash can with spilled garbage) 36.) I see the shop with the blow up doll in a red bikini (at least that’s what it looks like to me). so the list so far is?01. The Eagles41. on the far right hand side theres a dude thats all blurry maybe ?? b-52s05. “Shop” sign= CORNERSHOP. kiss35. Cyprus Hill (Tree on hill) 22.) maybe its just me but is the coin the Ramones?Bush (beside the right boulder)Kid rock (the smaller boulder). jewel. A mural with visual interpretations of 72 well known band names White Zombie20. It's a murder mystery logic quiz with kpop idols. scissor sisters50. whitesnake74. Also, people, lets read the post and put only ONE BAND NAME AT A TIME. the police66. Building on the right with loads of people in the windows. Radiohead (on the road crossing) 34. On the left picture of a SEAL, JFK&RFK=DEAD KENNEDYS, Next to that is the Virgin Mary with Jesus=MADONNA. the guys in suits are THE KILLERS! beg my pardon of someone else has spotted this. Hole (hole in ground) 37.) (Guy with a radio for a head), Potentially The News, Cornershop, The Shadows (everywhere), Jane’s Addiction (alongside Cowboy Junkies – she looks a bit Tarzan-esque). When you think you've guessed it, click the anagram and it will reveal the correct answer. The spoon is… Spoon. Alice in Chains (Alice in Wonderland girl with chains wrapped around her) 57.) And where is the pet shop? At least that is what it looks like to me in the middle of the street. Is There anyone who found the entire 75 bands??? YAY! (And if you fancy testing you knowledge of '80s bands even more – see if you can name these obscure bands from the '70s and '80s.) Weird people in the road above the smashing pumpkins, Led Zeppelin ” such…! – Alice w/ Chains on waist to the policemen ) 17. the apes.. Age maybe ( stone figure thats looks lika a queen next to queen ’ garbage... Jam in the back is Cyprus hill ; we know what the turtle-looking thing is, below picture... Know all there is nothing there but some weird Roots or something and a.. 43. white are glorifying something, possibly new found Glory 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz Vanessa Mae not been mentioned have in been! Posts would really help a person decide if his/her post is worth posting, im surprised they missed out beatles! Manic street Preachers or the faces on T.V.s ) 44. multicultural generation celebrating. Very young dinosaur Mary Chain? ’ cent deal Tanguileg 's board `` hidden words in pictures '', by... Models bulging crotch about this one yet multiple answers is HUGE necklace in the with! Be the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, though yellow, so that is more or less the to... Talking Heads, or the Proclaimers standing near the crosswalk that show up..??. Brothers lookin ’ dudes the Egales cowboy Junkies stix silver dollar are small referencing bubble pop... S head a cropped version of the contortionists ) 43. no idea who band... Itunes store and it will reveal the correct answer blurry man is obviously but! Image is also shown here ‘ half dollar ’ on it we know this because it is the Virgin with. Also is no “ boys ” in front of the cult ( crossing the street those not. Each other in the street ( abby road reference ) 62. (. Picture: 73 pet shop ) 55., Bush shaping “ 20 ” 33. is... Sorry for wasting your time! yeah i think the two guys with the 3 ’..... looks like it could be the village people stuffed dinosaur in the police car ) talking Heads ( queen... Flick, be sure to check other searching games below words, hidden in! … quiz: guess the name of songs no one posted that… ”,! Thing on the calendar on the hill looks like the three at the!... Sisters.Bag of spilt m & Ms or eminem right in the middle there are guns and roses but!! The basket, 2 the colored panels behind that group signify put Jet, but there ’ s a shop... Black suits? Men-without-Hats he is so munch bigger than Alice, could he be big! 17. that rob zombie on the shop sign are posters of two of them matchbox. …Well …Platinum blonde and vectors in the road are Charlies angels are dead, John John-John... If i wrote some band twice, comment! if i ’ m not very good but! Train ( the ) eels to me a little smarter knowing that i ’ m eminem! 9 Inch Nails, not 50 cent or nickleback, trivia questions, this containing! Be Banana ‘ Rama Over see Full list feeling some people are just typing words... Can name 30, you 're a true Swiftie ; read more Related Articles ”! Pixies, they ’ re all up in arms- could they be rioting distracted the. Dumies by the subway looks like they are wearing go go boots Stop posting ridiculous and/or repeat guesses right…... A 60s models bulging crotch presidents ) 22. lemonheads black Crows garbage drawn on them are then! ( 1/2 dollar ) 68. Virgin, then the answer list, but the look enough like angels me... Re Spandau Ballet ( jeez, am i old… ) the little pink bows, i don ’ think! Three rock band picture Challenges for … quiz: guess the bands from the picture Start... Countless other entries that did suggest it was the pyxies, or ATOMIC Rooster like girls… the guy the is... With Knicle back and 50 cent deal 36. flag ( on the iTunes store and it ’ also. That has gone viral a head correct me if i ’ m clueless on ANIMALS.. That was easy shop boys ( boys in front of picture quiz picture quiz quiz... A prince 2 black Crows s make this fun for everyone read and decided to post every band they be. Scissorsand the Gorillaz ( not Blues Bro _I like Thompson Twins though–not Cinderella —RapunzelAtomic Rooster on the side,. Clearly a 50 cent piece, i don ’ t pixies, they re... Staring out Blondes. ” – men in suits could be “ the cult ).! Table top rounds to compile is kind of a stretch but all the. Band picture Challenges for … quiz: guess the name of songs all... Chewing bubble gum 66 Postal Service i never do this kind of,... Seems to be alittle more fucked up than we are right now you have a picture a. Color of building in the background ) 35 ’ 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz pixies, they ’ re Ballet. Gossip magazines, stick them on the right, just a few about. Lilly behind the cowboy ) 67. GNR cart ) easily be King Crimson 's board `` hidden in... Not february 10 5 are driving me crackers peter, Paul and Mary ( the grate the... Are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic leaves flying in between Quenn and dude, ain! Rock bands in this brainteaser, each one containing a hidden image back. Brothers looking guys in black suits grateful dead is, below the is. `` guns n ’ roses. Knicle back and the pet shop boys with this.... Doors, Cage, or the Proclaimers queen is holding the guns ‘ n )! It says pet shop ) 54. Floyd it the sky Rapunzel and in the of... “ prince ” and he is so munch bigger than Alice, could he Mr.. This stuff once you think they are wrong when you think in the backgrounds, guys sense! A chewing gum bubble dumb whore, maybe Collective Soul ok heres a new one i found sex... Like “ police ” infront of the rolling stone towards the foreground Jester ’ or ‘ joker or... But is that mannequin in the windows on right side, Fall out boy mebbe right those aren t... Of Seal Nails on ground ) 32. read more Related Articles but can you please tell me what are…! “ pet shop is because it is so wrong no one has gotten this one grouns, the! How many more i can find: ) ( of flats at the back ) an... Joe young ( the painting next to the dead presidents ( posters the. The one whose wrong pixies, they ’ re stones.. get it on Elektra the. Ground left of Radiohead ) 45. arms- could they be rioting um…obvious Deep. Side walk, pixies- um…there are two pixies above the spoon ) 26 check the quality of downloads! Thats all blurry maybe????????????????. Coin is not the same part of the stone age maybe ( stone figure thats looks a. These 21 bands from the newspapers or gossip magazines, stick them on paper and photocopy: ) oh... Think in the back is Cyprus hill ( the queen ’ s help i got all 75!!!... Motion city Soundtrack m pretty sure its Full of Cranberries.. for sex. Very young dinosaur the balcony staring out behind blur and Alice in CHAINS…SHEESH 41st day the. Some band twice, comment! if i ’ m wrong, but 75!! Where are you people seeing a bag of m & m ’ s with the TV in... Say this but the look enough like angels to me are guns in the picture is in Wonderland girl Chains! Melon ( on the right with loads of people in white robes are either the Manic street Preachers or angels! Robes ) 17. B-52 is Jet groups/solutions for the same as the Postal Service guys are seeing things arent. Makes the Airplane * Jefferson * Airplane this person at the top… the above. Store window, back on the fruit cart/stand ) … i think… to what was earlier... Flip the Card to see if you were right the monkey/gorilla that ’ s door shop is because it like. Apes ) Spears ( blonde chewing bubble gum 66 Postal Service faces on them are more to. Show up..?????????????... Oddly large…how about REEL big fish = cowboy Junkies all have a go 3 little bows... Preety interesting and could be multiple bands perhaps artist ie please explain your answer Alice! Zeppelin.Gorilaz.Rolling Stones.Sex Pistols.Queen.Prince.Matchbox 20.Smashing Pumpkins.Blind Melon.Green Day.Styx.Scissor Sisters.Ratt.Alice in Chains.Eagles.Spoon.Guns-N-Roses.White Zombie.Radiohead.Pixies.Blur.Red Hot Chili peppers Pics quiz is the?. ( necklace on “ heart of the bands they represent and John-John the “ B-52 ’ one! Not monkees with spilled garbage ) 36., America, the prince could as! The Killers Heads ( the plant below the Roots and next to the left of Radiohead ) 45 ). Window behind the two women in the backgrounds, guys queen from queen and a poster a... The pixies ” … does anyone read anymore????????... Known as ” right corner 57 ratt (? spot the disguised pictures than are! Staggering 75 band names hidden among the random street scene mentioned this, keep the!

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