Beautiful, well functioning (partly because of the oil, I know), peaceful country. Most of the countries on the top 20 list for best reputation are located in the northern reaches of our globe. Another reason I want to visit this country because my best friend shifted here. Even when we name ourselves World Peace… we struggle to do it. In this way, erotic love is expressed healthily. Which Country in the world Do u love the Most? The most beautiful place in the world-amazing landscapes, amazing people, amazing food... everything there is amazing! It's a snapshot of the current indices at a specific point in time. It's more like a habit. Unless white people are not racist, then it's friendly country. Effective governments, an appealing environment, and an advanced economy were the main categories for the survey. While the US held its number eight spot and topped the list as the most powerful country in the world, China’s progression in recent decades has been reflected in its rise from 20th to 16th place this year. The Great Wall of China in Beijing attracts a lot of people as it is the world’s longest wall. Those people do not give any added value to our country. 11 Different Ways People Celebrate Love Around the World It's more than just chocolate and love letters. Most people know Belgium for its decadent chocolate and beer, but the country is also well-known in the travel community for being an animal-friendly oasis. The cities, the landscapes, the cultures, and food are just some of the reasons that make China one of the most visited countries in the world. As one of the most alcoholic countries in the world, the average Slovakian will drink 12.5 liters of alcohol every year. I am from Greece, but I have to say that Spain is the most loving foreing country I've ever been in! Currently live in Australia and the people here are quite racist and arrogant, How can they be 15th on the table! Image by Sarah Blinco. Most of the Indians have brown colored eyes that can be round, almond, large, and small in shape. In 2017, Mexico is the friendliest country in general, with more than nine in ten expats (93%) agreeing that Mexicans are friendly people. The Reputation Institute, an international consulting firm with offices in Copenhagen and Boston, issues a yearly report of the countries with the “best reputations” worldwide. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. They were helpful and generous too even when they didn't have a lot of material things. ... and economic freedom," America is the 23rd freest country in the world. 9. I acknowledge the fact that I don't know much about them. The organization World Animal Protection has created a useful tool to answer just that - an interactive map of animal welfare and conservation policies of 50 countries. MAHAL KO and PHILIPPINES! Want To Go Here? Really nice people + beautiful country + Paris most beautiful city in the world, France is much better than PakistanPakistan is poor and has a lot of terrorism. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest. Nepal is the best destiny ever someone can choose in his life to spare the best times. All that one needs to understand that every country has good and bad. They just refuse to be pure Swiss.And we guess that this stupid and arrogant way to do is not only visible in Switzerland but also in major countries where they have migrated all along the ages.So they just come with their food pizza and pasta, eat just that and never try to tend to be Swiss.Most of other migrants from Asia, Africa and South-America for example are much more respectable people and therefore much to be respected.And Italians will never accept in their own country someone doing the same as they are doing.For this reason Italians are very racist, in ...more. The top 10 most respected countries in the survey were found to be Canada, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Denmark and the Netherlands. With its temperate Mediterranean weather, beaches and tons of islands, it’s no wonder why Greece is ranked first as the most sexually active country in the world. I saw the list of The Top Ten Most Hated Countries, Japan was number 1. Compare that with the US where you have a rate of 5.8 per 100,000. Here you will not find out some hot details, such as which country has the best female lovers for example, but rather an insight into countries with the most promiscuous women in the world. I'm not a Filipino. Few countries receive as many accolades for their beauty as Italy, which has taken the top spot in this year's poll of the most beautiful countries in the world. The adult entertainment industry is known for driving huge profits, and is in fact twice as large as the online finance industry, in terms of traffic share, as we can see in the chart below. The Irish are a great bunch of lads with a lovely sense of humour and great sausages they love to play the GAA and have lovely drums and dancing and drink a lot but just have the crack and don't get mad and angry like the englischers who are always fighting and urinating on each other. 10 Budgies: This bird species is one of the most well-liked pets in the world. "My country is the best country in the world:" 34%. They eventually gained independence, from a country (The United Kingdom), with a population around sixteen times larger than theirs. Terrorism only happens because of the Indians. A good thing is, most Bulgarians speak good English, therefore, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. The aspects considered within these criteria cover a wide range of intrinsic features of nations, including natural beauty, the populace’s outlook and attitude towards their homeland, domestic safety and security, and the competence of the government. Santorini, Greece . Topped our list of the world's 50 most delicious foods. Dapan Hasa Jeweler from punjab killed in Srinagar has Got J&k Domicile Certificate. They should be vanished from this list. The figures for each country correspond to the rating they were given by the Social Progress Indicator’s ranking system, graded on a scale of zero tolerance to 100 (fully tolerant). Camping, hiking and skiing are also up there. Kind people, don't care where you are from and love to party. There are way to many STEREOTYPES because the country is famous. Brazilian women are also some of the world’s most famous models. Paris, France. Go Korea! Spain sounds really cool! Congratulations! With a general feeling of acceptance of all peoples therein, it is no wonder that Canada has been on the top tier every year for each of the six years the list has been compiled. Great and beautiful country and people.And the girls are really nice, pretty, cute and from many countries.France reminds me my native USA but in smaller and everything closer. It is not a yes/no question therefore has no black/white answer. The firm uses this report to recognize the countries with international renown for garnering respect, trust, admiration and esteem from others, and the firm uses a number of criteria to gauge a country's worthiness to be included within their list. 2 of 11 Attribution: iStock. The best part is that Indians know how to express love as seen through Bollywood, music and so many dances. In fact, there are quite a significant number of Indian women who have won the beauty pageants because of their beautiful eyes. Some of these comments are made without actually having been to the country itself. Wikimedia Commons/m01229 By Phineas Rueckert and Gabriella Canal. So let’s get right to it! Maybe even more fun than us fun-loving Americans? Switzerland. Two things we value the most... God and family. 3 of 11 Attribution: iStock. Italians are the most xenophobic people that I have ever seen. German people are pissed off pigs not humans. It is the most beautiful place filled with kindness. Global Peace Index 2018 (countries appearing with a deeper shade of green are ranked as more peaceful, countries appearing more red are ranked as more violent) Global Peace Index (GPI) is a report produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) which measures the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness. The villages and small towns seemed to have the friendliest people. We are really known for our hospitality cause we care and served people from our hearts. From mental, emotional, physical, political and international, eco-social factors that surround us all time, our environment is anything but peaceful. March 12, 2012 . The top 10 countries: [/img] Switzerland Overall score: 10. Generally I found the people to have warm hearts. A huge 36% of Indians believe their country is the best in the world, and a further 35% believe their country is "better than most … People with very big and warm hearts. Its very nice! There are no foreigners or really few, but I have never seen one African, Asian with a high position there.Things must change. Feminine societies are traditionally seen to emphasize good relations, cooperation, charity, and modesty. They are hospitality, helpful and humble. This applies to all other countries also. Ireland should be proud of what it has done, and what it can do. I gave a lot of myself to that country, but she gave me way more in return. Three-quarters of Australian residents believe that their country is the best, or better than most other countries in the world. Corruption, pollution, population, terrorism, crime all make Pakistan as most hated. Quiet, beautiful (nature and people) and smart, Another government from Scandinavia that is great, This is the best country in the whole world. Som tam -- the popular green papaya salad is sour, extra spicy, sweet and salty. a country to be loved... A country to be called precious, South Korea is a very beautiful country but people here are kind of mean to foreigner. Canada'a rich in natural resorces, love's everyone, and a helping, peace keeping country. Always HAPPY. No doubt, the country is really a safe place to live. In spite of Spain’s current economic problems, the Spanish have not forgotten their roots as the country that gave the world flamenco and fiestas, as well as the Hispanic culture and heritage that powered Argentina and Mexico to the top of the world rankings. These countries were particularly applauded for offering freedom of the press (St. Lucia), freedom of religion (Palau), a strong degree of political freedom (Kiritbati and Marshall Islands). The country holds the finest women of the world. World Peace? Migrants and foreigners should go there and change the mentalities, it's a country (Italy) where there is a lot to do and to invest, but be careful never trust an Italian. 6- New Zealand The first country outside Europe and North America to appear in the list is Australia with a total GCI score of 0.870. Congratulating something is always better than saying negative comments about something. people have tried to mess with our country and they have failed like terrorism will fail we have experienced bad days July the 7th, the blitz, the Manchester attack and the three London attacks and we are still a strong nation and know country can destroy us. They also some of the hottest women in the world. The country boasts of a beautiful countryside, a genial population and no recession. Seriously I think that Greece deserve more! The country is so cold … Canada has been on top of the list several times now, including second in 2010 and 2014. if only Japan could just admit what they did was horrible like Germany and then they would be a much more liked country. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. Well, I just voted for Japan here because I wanted to post this comment. Also, even if reserved and quiet, you would ask for directions, and the people would actually help you no matter who you are. God and Devil resides in every individual, you need to choose who wins among those, its your mouth which abuses and prays at the same time. Its technology rank is 15 and is the lowest among the first five top countries. They consider family and safety as their most important values, and failure is regarded as an accident rather than a disaster. Other reasons that pushed the US out of the list of the top 20 reputation below was the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of super-PACS, a decision that has caused many people at home and abroad to lose trust in the American political system. We respect other countries and never start wars. Pakistan is the terrorist capital of the world. Viva españa! Because us, Filipinos are friendly, loving, smart, caring, religious, funny, and any other characteristics that you can think of! 5 Replies to “USA the most peace loving country?” Wes Rogers May 31, 2012 at 6:17 pm. Unlike India, we are not racists and are fully open minded. We're the friendliest people and in fact, I live in the Peel Region of Ontario, and the logo for our schools is "we welcome the world". In the country I love most in the world, with the person (over the age of 6) that I love most in the world. I'm not Korean but I just love that country so much! After all, these are the guys who made popular the concept of pederasty and Sapphic love. Slovakia is a small, Eastern European country that's known for beautiful sights, visually stunning churches, and for having a pretty strong love of alcohol. Is in the top 5 or healthcare and the top 1 in Europe for its number of diverse cultures and origins. Our beloved cat "Ville" shows his great love for meThis was filmed in the winter of 2013 in Sandviken, Sweden. Besides, Japan has made a lot of technology that would not be here if Japan never existed, they have a lot of food, they are rich, vocaloid, anime, manga, vocaloid holograms, a rich culture and a beautiful landscape. You are always welcome in England, wherever you are. Daniel Brown. Personaly, I think it is not good to judge countries. In 31 countries throughout the world at least three in 10 adults say they would like to move permanently to another country if they could. Ethiopia has had effect on much countries in the world whether people know it or not. I really wanna visit this country! Remembering the bad things a country has done will never bring world peace. New Zealand – jaw-dropping landscapes and plenty on offer for those with an adventurous spirit; like Australia, NZ is a bucket-list item for many, and the country certainly never disappoints. Finland is the world’s most literate nation, according to new research, with the UK coming in 17th, behind countries including the US, Canada and Australia. What more would you want from them. Japan is where I come from. And it is also ranked number 6 in terms of GDP. As the saying goes, forgive and forget. Ireland is probably one of the greatest countries in the world. don't want to say what people should think but I think maybe u should take a Look into IT so u WILL see IT for how IT really is. Share Share Tweet Email. Osama Bin Laden, all of them originated there. And the landscapes, villages, scenery, ocean coast, mountains, islands.. Everything has been made there to make a loving country. I thought we would be first. Big respect for women. In terms of settling into expat life in Mexico, 80 percent think it’s easy to get used to the culture there. Brazilian women, both blondes and brunettes are most charming faces in the world. America at it's best gives people the opportunity to be their best. From tall and slim to petite and curvy, women across the globe come in all shapes and sizes. Indians have a history in love. The origins of the play that was a revolutionised love, Romeo and Juliet. Besides the feeling of love, there some pets that considered sweet in their voices, such as birds. That is the place where I born because "it is more fun in the Philippines". The members of this last group of countries were either involved in war or governmental corruption to some degree in the past year. Coincidentally, all of the entires in 9th place happen to be island countries, with one in the Caribbean (St. Lucia) and three in the south Pacific (Palau, Kiribati, and Marshall Islands). Alongside New Zealand and Argentina, both countries topped more than 100kg per … Counting everything will take ages, but right now we can confirm it as in the top 5. 8 of the World's Most Pet-Friendly Countries. The only example of unity in diversity in the world (India is different from the diversity seen in US as India has its own diversity and is only contributed by People of this land). Japan scored highly among leading world powers, coming in as the world's 9th-most peaceful country. Bursting with culture, elegance and that certain je ne sais quoi, it's no surprise Paris is still the #1 most romantic location in the world. In 2013, the most recent year available, the US and Australia topped the tables for annual meat consumption. etc. The Spanish top the European fun rankings and rank fourth globally. Most friendliest people in the world. Mabuhay! I think choosing the best country is better than choosing the worst country. They should be the ones to explain why their country is the most 'loving'. We bring a list of the top ten most attractive birds if you are thinking of having a bird. MABUHAY! This was the first major country to have full religious/political freedom. Hey, we're a pretty good country. 1. The Irish have survived the English, the Scottish, the plague, terrible deprivation, oppression and famine. The country which grounds for the third most beautiful eyes in the world is India. Great and beautiful country and people. Here are the countries where you may just meet romantic men who will turn those movie fantasies of yours into reality: Image by Sarah Blinco. We may be a tiny island but we are a super power in every think. Don't care where you are from, now that sounds like a warm broad minded country! You might not leave here once you get the perfection of hospitality, Here in Switzerland we have lots of Italians who immigrated with us for the last 150 years.Each year and that for generations most of them, and by entire families are returning back to their own country (Italy). These friendly creatures are deemed as jewels in their owner’s house. Our neighbor to the north may love its pets as much as we do. Sensuality. They are also very outgoing and diverse. ROME! It's true. It ranks number 11 among the largest economies in the world. Being stressed is the understatement of our society, as we are always almost on the brink of a war. And the Greek islands are beautiful. 30 10 55 16. People from this country exude happiness, which studies have shown is the most attractive quality to both men and women. The following is a list of European and OECD countries by the 2016 total alcohol consumption per capita age 15+ in litres of pure alcohol as published by the World Health Organization global status report on alcohol and health 2018 (Share your country … The reason why I posted this comment here was because I did not want to vote there. Just would be nice if the four nations within would stop squabbling and accept each other all as kin.Only other paces I'd probably vote for are Canada and Germany. I'm an Indian. And then later when I saw this one, I was confused. The institute gathers its data by running an online survey of 48,000 consumers from G8 countries. I experienced the Australians to be quite rude. Unlike many European countries, Canada doesn’t have its restaurants open to dogs just yet. Further down the list are Belgium, Ireland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, Portugal, France and Singapore. This is a tolerant and accepting country. The 27 countries in the world with the most freedom. It doesn’t get any better 律 ‍♀️律 ‍♀️ @ Knuckles Mountain Range I want to live in the Philippines. I mean, every country is good in some way and I love every country. By Amy Sinatra Ayres | Mon Nov 14 14 ... cafés and shops. Read: Our 5 Perfect Days in Paris. New Zealand is ranked fourth in the world in a list which shows the most diet-obsessed countries across the globe. Even canadian drivers will smile at you and will wish you a nice day. France is our favorite country, everything there like capital like Paris, surely one of the most Loving capital in the world, maybe the 1st. Can a Japanese person please comment on this and not a foreigner? But love is still abundant in the poorer countries: People in Rwanda and the … Desire to migrate increased the most in non-European Union countries in Europe, in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in the Middle East and North Africa. Icelanders can sleep well at night: they live in the most peaceful country in the world. Porn sites are clearly the unhealthy habit of choice for many, as it outranks gambling, beauty and fitness, travel, health, and recreation. The highlight in my opinion is a small, beautiful island -which is not as famous as it should be-, the island of Milos. 10 Most Peace Loving Countries In The Whole World. Young Americans have fun on an average of 12 days month – more than Canadians, most Europeans and even Brazilians, according to the world’s first study to rank nationalities by how often they have fun. Here's why! Well, I know this is none of my buisness, but I just wanted to say that. Further down the list are Belgium , Ireland , Austria , the United Kingdom, Italy … Most people go here because it is hot in the Philippines most in Boracay, they want to go there because it is hot in there. France is renowned for its sensuality. Has high levels of cultural diversity. I've been to Greece twice. Just don't sit on your computer and come to Pakistan. This country has a long tradition of partaking in sexual activities, and this dates back to the ancient times. THE Philippines! And the landscapes, villages, scenery, ocean coast, mountains, islands.. Everything has been made there to make a loving country. One can never have more hospitality in any country than India. Gold has long been viewed as the ultimate financial asset, and never more so than during times of financial crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic. And that is very exciting in a world of many tired-spirited people. If you ever watch Avatar the last airbender, you will see the realtion between the ignorance of the fire nation and the japense. We've taken a look at these ten most tolerant nations in the world to see what it is that makes them so successfully tolerant and inclusive. How does it do so well for such a small country, it's beyond me. Hands down. We are the best football fans. It's the country with the most kind people I ever met! These Are the Freest Countries in the World The United States isn't even close on a list topped by Hong Kong. We don't really have any problems with other countries and no-one has grudges against us. Its political system is a federal parliamentary democracy. We have the nicest and most caring people we donate more in charity then any other country, but we also win and the rudest, most arrogant, evil ass holes (not just the politicians) the world has ever known. If celebrating Valentine’s Day is any measure of being romantic, Indians are Asia’s most romantic lot with 90 % of them showing affection for their partners on this day. Excuse me... Pakistan it the terror that lives in our hearts. In contrast with America’s male-oriented gender bias, Denmark’s high level of male-female equality fosters behavior that transcends the gender barriers set by less egalitarian societies. Beautiful, nice weather, nice people what else? Your dog can come along when you travel by train, and the country has laws to prevent people with criminal records from owning a dog. 2. It is arguably one of the top resources for determining which countries have the happiest, healthiest, and most stable populations compared to everywhere else in the world. Please do not judge people by their nationality, caste, color etc. I'm British myself and we have some of the nicest people over here. Irish The world's most sexually satisfied countries 1. France is the Most Romantic Country in the World! I spent 2 years exploring Egypt. A nation of overseas workers who know the true meaning of sacrifice by being far away from their loved ones in order to give them a better living. We are also considered as one of the happiest nations despite of economical difficulties. A warm hearted place, treating visitors as if they were the most holy people on earth. Germany is one of the states that kept mostly away from the populism rising in many other European and American states. First, keep in mind that islam is not a monolithic ideology that many (not surprisingly even muslims) tend to believe. I've heard some Danish people are very loyal, brave, tolerant and are very against Germans who support the neo Nazi's. I have been to both New Zealand and Australia, and I can safely say that New Zealand is far nicer than the Australians. Only country that allows a monkey as a prime minister, Australia is a amazing country I love it so much, Top Ten Worst Things to Be the God or Goddess Of, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. There are of course things that aren't good too, but less than most other countries. Bungee jumping is the most popular adventure sport per capita in Switzerland. Click To Tweet. But many shops in its dog-loving cities and towns leave water bowls and treats outside their doors, and lots of luxury spas for dogs and full-service day cares have opened in recent years. Top 25 Countries Where Crunchyroll Is The Most Popular; The Biggest Pokemon Fans In The World Are In These 25 Countries; It makes sense to focus on Hentai to see which countries LOVE Hentai the most. With more than 84 millions of tourists in 2015 is the most visited country in the world with USA and Spain. THE 25 MOST LOVED COUNTRIES/REGIONS OF THE WORLD ... which is why it is understandable so many voted this country as one they would love to return to. This isn’t something that is sordid or dirty like many other countries consider it to be. Denmark is the most peaceful nation on continental Europe, despite being about the size of Massachusetts. It is not a yes/no question therefore has no black/white answer. I know it rains, but rain is natural and beautiful in my perspective. From the rolling vineyards of Tuscany to the sparkling Amalfi coast and the mountains of Trentino , this relatively small place has … By James Burton on April 25 2017 in Travel. Data is collected online from February to April on an annual basis. And DON'T accuse me of hating Japan, because it isn't true. Where does Ireland rank among the most beer loving countries in the world? 1: Iceland. Italy is the best country in the universe. They're so friendly, caring, lovable, hard working, respectful, polite, religious, talented, wise, etc. Italians are really great! Countries that lost points were Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq.

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