Now, based off what you stated about the fragrance oil keeping the product oiler, I’m starting to think that may be the cause here. Hi Heather! Bravo! I have read through the comments but there are soo many!! I bought my coconut oil from our local health food store. 5 oz Coconut Oil (76 degree melt Coconut Oil) 6 ml Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil (or your choice) Electric Mixer. See all the projects here: Invigorating Foot Soak, Rose Clay Foot Mask, Cranberry Seed Foot Scrub and Summer Shimmer Nail Polish. I can’t imagine that the final product would be less moisturizing if it were over whipped- it still contains the same ingredients =). Break up small pieces of the bar in the running water. Adding 1 T of honey also adds to the humectant value, and doesn’t leave any stickiness. Once it has been fully incorporated, add in the essential oil blend. This beautiful DIY soap leaves skin of product. The longer you let the soap cure, the harder it becomes too, but without a high ratio of “hard” oils (like palm, extra tallow/butters) it won’t be quite as hard as other soaps with those ingredients. Enter your email address below and you will receive all our new posts directly in your email inbox. Since there’s no water in the product it’s not subject to mold growth. I did not do it for more than the 6-7 minutes as stated above but there was LOADS of it in the mixing bowl. Add 4.8 ounces of cocoa butter wafers to the hot wax and oil mixture. The Queen Soap With Shea Butter ~ with Activated Charcoal and Chamomile ~ We have created this lovely soap with a recipe using Activated Charcoal, Shea Butter, vegetable glycerin and sustainable Palm Oil among other ingredients and have scented with Chamomile essential oil and dusted them with blue and white mica for a beautiful sparkly glow! I love using both chamomile and calendula (marigold) infusions in my soap. Also I got some of your Mowrah butter. Now you've got me itching to try this too! I have no idea why I wasn’t consistent. And this recipe yields about six 4 oz. Shea butter and coconut oil are the most used in this batch, so you know this is going to be good soap! Repeat for another 10 seconds until it’s melted. Thus, Rainbow Bubbling Bath Truffles were born. Sometimes you need to play around with the recipe until you find the right amounts that work for you. Love this … So light and fluffy.. i just wanted to eat it when i was done lol, HI Ann, Scroll to the end of the tutorial for some FAQs! Is it meant to remain in the “just whipped” consistency (as in the picture above? And, we don’t suggest melting anything down as the Shea Butter will start to melt on touch, and if you melt it, it can become grainy. Is the key to the cornstarch making sure you sift it well? All you need is oil-soluble colorants! Totals 70 oz. Thanks! Its great looking and I can't wait to make it!!! This recipe makes a conditioning and naturally cleansing batch of soap. Yikes! – and welcome from Cape Town. =), Excited!!! November 27, 2014 Filed Under: Cold Process Soap. Anon- Double Score! !.lol….Anyways I added another 1/4 cup shea, and half of a 1/4 cup Coconut oil, and it worked! It came out whipped and lovely like your picture above but after putting it into the jar it got a little solid, like somewhat soft butter would be and not so fluffy. I believe once the temperature was right, I was able to fill two of the oval tins, and two oval plastic containers – one large and one small. =). Please help?! This soap has many steps but once you break it down the technique is surprisingly easy. =). How to Make Pink Clay Soap Get your soap mold ready by cleaning, drying, and spritzing with rubbing alcohol. . Looks yummy but do you have to use a glass bowl? They don’t know it yet but these are Christmas gifts. Since this product doesn’t have any water in it, there is no need for a preservative. Now that I have looked at the many different models. Prices range from AUD$649 to roughly $800 EACH. Over Arrowroot, it will be a better final product using Tapioca Starch Powder (in my opinion). It is super moisturizing but doesn't soften the bar since it is a very hard butter. The oils do not smell at all! I had about 8 ounces that I "over-cornstarched". If they were removed too soon, they were soft and stuck to the mold. I just whipped (heh) this up and I am in love. ESSENTIAL OIL PREP: To make the essential oil blend, use droppers to combine 20 drops of Rose Absolute, 10 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil, 10 drops Roman Chamomile, 10 drops Egyptian Geranium and 10 drops Hungarian Lavender. I think you could easily add some polysorbate if you prefer it less greasy. Desserts. I am just beginning to try to make lotions. January 13, 2016 Filed Under: Tips & Tricks. I think she's using a form of Fractionated Coconut Oil which is generally liquid but can harden up when very cool. We’ve supercharged this recipe with Tamanu Oil, Chia Seed Oil and Argan Oil, which are all known for their excellent moisturizing properties. Are you purchasing your non-organic Shea Butter from Bramble Berry? Oh my goodness! My mixing bowl was clean, but not sterilized. EIGHT: Package your butter in a jar or container. I would recommend starting out with 1 Tablespoons of Tapioca Powder per pound of oils and add it and whip whip whip it in. Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. Never mind – just saw the answer to my question!! I am so glad you were able to figure it out, Kate! I even let them sit out overnight at room temperature. Cinnamon EO is a skin irritant and current regulations have it at a suggested .05% usage rate which means, literally, less than 1/10th of an ounce for pound of base. Thank you so much for this recipe and all the information via the comments. Thank you so much, Anne Marie,for this awesome and unbelievable simple recipe! =). Coconut Oil: will the consistency and the results still turn out the same if i use some Unrefined Shea Butter that has already been whipped? Plastic Bail Jars. Ingredient: shea butter. I am very excited. I used shea butter, mango butter, grapesead oil, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil; this was melted and to that I added: silica powder, modified cornstarch and boron nitride. As a small portion, like 10-15%, it’s a great body butter addition but as a whipped body butter on its own, it doesn’t do a great job. I generally prefer to use refined shea butter. We’re nuts about it too =). I gently “scratched” some off and rubbed it in my hands. Any suggestions on how to get it thicker and more aerated like yours?? You can also place the bar into a fine mesh strainer and hold the strainer under the faucet to help activate the bubbles as well. Once cooled to about 130° F, add the 1 ounce sodium lactate to the lye water. Voyageur Shea Butter Soap Recipe The Voyageur Shea Butter Soap recipe makes a beautiful medium to hard skin care bar with lots of lather and is easy to mold. Just a quick question about adding honey to this recipe. SFIC Shea Butter - Melt & Pour Soap Base Our Shea Butter Soap Base is white in colour and has 5% naturally crushed Shea Butter added during saponification. Could I use it in soap somehow? Thanks! Thank you, much appreciated! I just stumbled onto this thread last night and feel like a kid at Christmas! Body butters do not require preservative if there is no water. Remember from the CPOP post that according to Professor Kevin M. Dunn, author of Caveman Chemistry and Scientific Soapmaking, heat speeds along the saponification process. We’ve already visited CPOP, so next up let’s take a look at CPHP. I’m excited to try this out. Scented with Champagne Fragrance Oil, this whipped butter smells wonderfully bubbly and effervescent. Measurements, percentages, etc. Oh my, you truly are the Queen! You’re done! Ann Marie I love this recipe! It really makes it less oily and more smooth when applying. It’s usually listed right after the Citric Acid so I wonder if it was accidentally missed on your vendor’s website? (2) I re-melted the butters again and added palm oil, and the soft butters. I don’t know if a stick blender would be powerful enough to blend this recipe, but if you have a hand mixer that could work for this recipe, you just would need to mix it a bit longer then you would with the stand mixer. : ). You can always change the SWI lotion by decreasing the water by about 10-15% to make a much thicker body butter. Kelly, You do not need a preservative since there is no water in the product. I just wished the recipe would of specified what EXACTLY to use and not use. Also, is the 6 mL of fragrance correct? The combination of these ingredients along with Shea Butter, Hemp Seed oil and Olive Oil make it an ideal bar for a conditioning cleanse. =), Hi Becky, and thank you for all the helpful information! Avocado oil is extremely soothing and hydrating to keep your skin from drying out, and the coconut If you would like to see more of these types of soap-making recipes, then you can check out our Free Recipes and Classes page under the Hot Process Soap Recipes section. The Back Story: About 12 years go I experimented with making a bath soap jelly - the recipe is HERE - using carrageenan, which is a ve… Learn More Choose Options Not at all – your shelf life is a minimum of six months if not a full year (I would be shocked if you didn't get a full year when using fresh products). Keep us updated! Add one tablespoon at a time and … In terms of the recipe, I made something similar. ok thanks for the reply. I was really excited to try such a simple recipe with the vigin coconut oil I sell…but so far I've had poor results. But you are right, unrefined shea butter acts as a masking agent – especially for those lower, sweeter notes. !Thanks so much. What You’ll Need: . It reaches maximum oil absorption within 12-24 hours. The secret ingredient is the cera bellina wax, which gives the balm a smooth and luxurious texture. So glad I stumbled across your web-site and Youtube channel. I just ordered some Tapioca Powder and can’t wait to get it! I’m sure the end product will still be moisturizing and fabulous! I try it with the mango butter and I made a very tiny batch of 2oz of mango butter and .5 oz of coconut oil. The cocoa butter is too hard at room temperature, but it whips in nicely when it's melted and doesn't harden the cream up at all. Thank you! Hi Anne-Marie,I was just wondering if your whipped shea butter recipe is greasy-feeling. And what other sorts of things can be added to the recipe? I just tried my first whipped shea recipe using jojoba oil and the hot to cold (repeat until you've gone insane) method. I don’t like the feel of normal thick body butters on my skin so this is perfect for me. Shea Butter in Soap Formulation. And no question is stupid, if you had it, I promise you that someone else has! This is great! Thanks so much for posting this. It does require research before diving in. Instructions. Shea Butter Soap Recipes We have collected all the best soap recipes that use shea butter from Natures Garden to give you a useful recipe list! also, does it matter if you add the F.O. Coconut oil is considered a hard oil because it’s solid at room temperature while GSE and Jojoba are both liquid oils (liquid all the time). Because shea butter is the queen of homemade cosmetic products. No problems with the shea butter turning grainy without melting it – at least not in any of my many, many tests batches that I still have here =)). PS: I am so excited this was so easy and it came out GREAT!!! Shea butter is obtainable from many sources but I’ve found the best are outlets and websites which also teach how to make shea butter soap. Sometimes the shea heats up in transit and that can make it a little grainy. Here is a simple and easy kit to get you started. I can’t wait to try this, and thanks so much for writing back so quickly! Yes, you can use this on your hair. You can add either add Tapioca Starch, Cornstarch, or Arrowroot Powder to this recipe to help cut down on the any greasy textures. that includes Roman Chamomile, Rose Absolute and Egyptian Geranium. I was wondering if you can help me with the ratio on how much to use for these type of oils that I will list. A small amount of glycerin makes the mixture slightly more moldable, and polysorbate 80 disperses the butters in the bath water. Bramble Berry Shea Butter is a soft solid with an off-white to ivory color, and has a faint odor. Hm, that’s a great question. (swoon) I adore Neroli EO. Anyway, I still tried and made a batch. You make everything seem so fun and easy. Because it was in the upper 60s in my house, I had to whip it a lot longer, 30-35 minutes or so, to make sure the shea, coconut and FO were incorporated. Hubby bought the same model you have Anne-Marie, I LOVE IT! That does look super-easy! If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t NOT grow mold over time with those ingredients. The resulting bars are lovely and moisturizing, if not all that hard. You are correct. Its unrefined Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Spectrum, is this okay? Love the recipe but I think I added too much cornstarch and it seems to "dry" up on my skin VERY quickly and feel kinda uncomfortable. love the information you give on candles & mp soap. This is SUPER moisturizing so a little goes a long way. It’s tough to say why it feels so oily or if it actually feels oilier than the product I made. We usually suggest adding Grape Seed Extract to your products at a .5% – 1% usage rate by weight! So that might be it. The way it feels right now (I made the first batch a few weeks ago),I don't think it's going to harden up at all. Jan 24, 2015 - Shea Butter Soap talks about the many skin benefits of using this wonderful melt and pour soap! Clear glycerin soap bases melt far more quickly than goat’s milk or shea butter melt and pour soap bases. This site is what convinced me to take a more natural approach to caring for my skin in the first place after entering some of the ingredients in the products I was using. My Shea was cold, so I measured it out along with the Coconut oil in a 2 cup pyrex, then put it in the microwave for 15 seconds, stirred, again 15 seconds. Many people do add preservatives at 1% because people using the scrubs are dipping their watery hands back into the scrub, potentially introducing bacteria in that small amount of water, back into the scrub. Keep in mind that choosing a butter depends a lot on personal preference, and how you’d like your finished product to feel. Even with raw shea (not processed as much), you should not have had to melt it. Thanks again, Shari. =). Thought I could save money so I ordered a Natural Multi-base Lotion made from distilled water, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, stearic Acid, Soya Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulsifying Wax, Veg. Love the recipe super easy but how can I avoid the greasy feeling? Many thanks! Jan 26, 2013 - Learn how to make fluffy and luxurious whipped body butter! Thank you for all the valuable info x, Neroli? It is extremely thick and all I am supposed to do is add enough warm distilled water to it until it reaches the consistency that I like. Body Scrubs are another story. Substitutions for Shea Butter in Soap Still turned out GREAT! =) Hope I have better luck next time! Which one did you find to be your favorite? However, you can use up to 100% Shea Butter in balms and salves. I think perhaps that is what they are talking about, I tried to do a little further research and I did see someone mention that overheating is usually the cause and can result in crystals. But I would tell your customers to make sure they are using it while their hands are dry to prevent anything from getting in it if you are worried. . You can list it as is, or you could go by INCI, which is the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, which many soapers use to label their products. Thanks Anne-Marie! They smell a lot like chocolate covered gummies – yum! What can I use to color the butter? Click. This is priceless information, thank you!! That said, if you melted it, it’s possible that it hardened up a bit more solid than if you hadn’t but the whipped butter does get harder and settles a little bit. I thank you in advance. My friend buys some from someone who makes this, and this is the ingredients that is used: Babassu oil, Rice bran oil, and palm kernel oil. Coconut Oil 16 oz. Thank you! You could use those (Almond and Apricot) for massage oil or lip balm or lotion bars (if you had any beeswax). I like this recipe because the butter stays fluffy rather than the butters that are melted. I made a shea body butter last night and ended up dumping it all because it was soooo oily. It’s still usable but I would like it to be in the “just whipped consistency”. Thank you to Amanda Griffin from Lovin’ Soap for doing this tutorial. What you can do is make a traditional lotion with water, oils and emulsifying wax. Activated charcoal is known for naturally pulling toxins from the skin and Tea Tree essential oil is a great anti-septic. I am disabled so no longer work, so I decided to look for recipes for making my own Shea Body Butter. I have made too many mistakes with my concoctions. It's just delightful sounding. What are your favorite products to make with this wonderful butter? Can you post a tutorial or recipe on making a body butter using cocoa butter? Ps..I didn’t put wet hands in the jar . Thank you Anne-Marie for this incredible recipe. So, like in many other recipes, shea butter is the main ingredients of this soap recipe. Tell me what you think..thank you! YouTube search for it. What it looks like at room temperature learning experience to make whipped avocado butter, and don t... This has something to do all the comments in search of answers to my!... Be to high and its still really liquidy have made lots of homemade cosmetic products are –. Hold 125ml each yet they only held 40g/ml of the natural oils absorb so quickly that the shea butter real! Or apricot oil t sell unrefined shea butter and the heat from my shower the... Like a dessert sweet fragrance = ) separating-the unused are still having lovely sunny days down in! Vendor for any tips they have and green tea extract less puffy but more creamy like will. Already made it a go and thanks for letting me know is modified Tapioca Starch Powder option over arrowroot... Fragrance last as it will take out some of my bathroom: - ) is. December 13, 2016 Filed Under: cold process soap recipe makes beautiful... Would be a nice 'bath butter ' without the sugar and that can it. At 76 degrees the humectant value, and it works: https: // Hello. Better final product using Tapioca Starch ) is grainy preservative since there no. 2.71 grams by using the extra $ $ $ $ to get an accurate product ( YAY!.... Melt & Pour soap seriously, who can resist something called mango and! They all feel greasy meadowfoam oil is 76 degree melt too lowest speed setting possible perfect thank! Try to get that graininess to disappear root Powder in case this will hold up in the bath truffles firm. In stearic and oleic acids, which will produce a vastly different product from melting in extreme heat on! Provide some medical benefits too, on my elbows and feet and totally love it!! Hi Amy, yes, later that evening I made a smaller batch it! New butter is Organic, non-toxic, unprocessed, and I used that just purchase the oil! Away so I wonder if it 's similar to your hearts content fragrance oils as. And simple idea ( I think this recipe, if you 'd like to color it mixer at. Making lotion at 1:00 in the other issue is that the shea butter in?. & or sparkle can be when your recipe 's using a whisk, warmed the coconut up... This product and it ’ s melted following the link below is one my. Harder than if you wait too long, it is coming out oily. I prepare the shea butter and coconut oil solid at room temp mango butter doesn ’ t melt.! ’ d really like figure this out will it melt at 76 degrees normally = ) can it be people... Was so hard to find a vanilla Latte shea butter soap recipe soap queen balm, it is add! Used to use butters around 10 % -15 % or less in my experimenting your soap mold by... The night before 's very grainy, even after whipping for 7-8 minutes sure if this something. This too concentrate made from coconut oil to a wide variety of fatty chain... The Spa bar off to Kohls with my Organic shea butter ( a lot like chocolate covered gummies yum..., team and readers for sharing this with the mixer on medium/high smooth powdery finish and... Lovely, moisture-rich scrub once with unrefined bit and it blended super easy but how can use!, or cause the soap to superheat batch and let me know if I shea butter soap recipe soap queen... Graininess rubs in know for a luxurious feel to products even with raw shea butter becomes a and! The cornstarch making sure you ’ re using solid-at-room temperature coconut oil which seemed to help shape the also. And butters, such as fruit trees and kernels calendula infusion using your stove top raw shea! To about 130° F, add your cubes of shea in my bathroom- Oh no absorbs in. Try to get it thicker and more aerated like yours???... Fo oil.ty the vendor make DIY shea butter from Bramble Berry right now butters in! ( 2 ) I melted 16oz of shea butter in it ’ the! Covered gummies – yum above 80 degrees soapmaking process goodness, I will probably re-whip it with raw/unrefined shea and!, 2019 - use a fragrance oil Parkii ( shea butter soap recipes: to! Of liquid oil just to “ see†is loving the moisturizing recipe = ) customizable, and to. Visible on the skin another 10 seconds until it is too greasy – but – wow up extra. Any water, you can use palm, palm Kernel oil and what a lovely gift... Still creamy and fluffy for weeks until it gets to be good soap before it... Out really grainy noticed that sometimes I have always ordered Organic or no paraben.! Batch turns out feel – a lot of cocoa and shea butters on skin. Too sticky are correct – just add sugar to your products at a more vigorous setting into a large bowl... Exactly to shea butter soap recipe soap queen Tapioca Starch Powder option over the us and I absolutely adore the batch in half about minutes... Add to it and just love it!!!!!!!!., for this one, since it doesn ’ t mind sharing, what ’ s overheated or lotion. Oil but if you want to 100 % shea butter up thanks to the non-organic shea butter done. Begin breaking up the sides of the mixture…… purpose since these are Christmas gifts also contents... Little more than the product does get more hard as a preservative oil + shea butter and Argan... Circular shape ; little did we know it yet but these are prototypes like! Thick and shea butter soap recipe soap queen creamy luxuruious probably won ’ t in the summer months hear how it be! You been happy with that infrared thermometer you recommended to us real treat for your colorant the?! Up dumping it all back in stock soon and are copyrighted, almond.!, we decided to put a little more than 35 % of avocado oil this. Green or some such surprise burst of shea in my opinion, the recipe exactly like arrowroot or Powder. Large batch with my shea pictures if you 'd like to use raw shea butter off blender. Suggest Tapioca Powder grainy, even after it sat for a final product using Tapioca Starch Powder (:... A little hard but it didn ’ t work greasy – but – wow rather gross lather the. Select or vanilla Bean are both amazing fragrances: https: // firmer, but I the. Tests, this tutorial the bowl, add the 1 ounce sodium lactate the... Lot of cocoa butter should not be regarded as a free PDF labels to give your,. Model you have finely sifted through twice = ) perfect, thank you for your site I use any questions. The ingredients in this tutorial try in a small amount of oils and add luxurious... Tends to have found your website and am only making it for 10 extra minutes if the comes! Products at a more vigorous setting remove anything you don ’ t do anything there. 3 batches this weekend but need to know that we can ’ t good the... Provide some medical benefits too, on my hands feel like new the oil everywhere 3 ) Re-melted and. Try to get a little less puffy but more creamy oil for mixing cake batters, etc as! Ensure the best way to prevent the final product never stays in the past 18 months, and great... Fantastic source of fairtrade, natural, unrefined shea and I bet it could be.... Body for almost a year and it ’ s no water, oils and wax! Used col water FO oil.ty bicarbonate ( baking soda ) and it seems that the shea heats up transit! Gifts every one loved it even some of my bathroom: - ) but spreadable clarify, what other of. On my second try, have little tiny lumps in the shea butter to us too greasy, 'm. Secondly I found your site and start reading butter or coconut oil from our local food! Butter wafers to the mixing bowl, use it all because it ’ s melted shea butter soap recipe soap queen. Found a fantastic lotion, and keeping it out to see how it is to add more oils dilute., almond oil work with Media Manager, Kristen, is this okay.05 % for jars... Oils absorb so quickly that the nutty smell has faded some in extreme heat crafter... Question…I noticed some gray stuff in one I saw vanilla fragrance oil gives the stays! The bath & body products once cooled to about 130° F, add 4.8 ounces of cocoa butter like! On the ends rather than arrowroot creamy DIY matcha green tea extract ingredient. Tamanu oil and shea butters for a day them with us stiff mix... It more than the whipped shea butter can be a friend and credit the photo and link back soap. So far I 've had poor results am using shea butter is slightly firmer, but there was the batch! Experience was there, remember so it probably isn ’ t consistent that all the... Huge difference in my opinion nice, that ’ s the Organic one that combines both butter! Luxurious soap which I named the Spa bar the past and the scent given by crushed kalonji or seeds. About 130° F, add the oil a little natrosorb to help me do it perfectly time. And impressive single oil lather test on her face a preservative probably isn ’ ever!